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A man with his children named Famasie Degado. He is a member of a Self Help Group which is found in Jajura. He said that the money that he has borrowed from the group served him as a boost to start this small business and this brought improvement in his personal and family life. It has also given hope to improving his business in the future.
Famasie Degado
Children in Gumesta Preschool which is found in the rural kebele of Kemebata zone (KG1 and KG2 students -- lower and upper kindergartens.) It has been reported from the staff and heard from the children themselves, the KG1 students can identify both Amharic and English Alphabet letters and numbers. The KG2 students are also able to form words.
Gumesta Preschool
A child and his mother from Degolo. The name of the child is Ibrahim Biruk. The name of his mother is Zelka Ayele. Zeleka says, "Before the opening of this KG my son was wandering here and there. He couldn't join any school because of financial constraints. I would have to send him to schools at a faraway site. As a result I was not happy. Now I am very glad. My child is not learning education alone but he has also been cultivated by moral values. I have gotten more than I expected from the school. I hope it will be better in the future too. I also want to contribute to its growth by providing support as much as I can.
Zelka & Ibrahim
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